The OCF is now the most renowned event of its kind in Europe, gathering a big community of outdoor addicts.

This public is sharing common values (sense of community, fun loving, cooperative) and a passion for the outdoors in general. Our participants are not afraid to invest in their passion and get some great gear to enjoy the outdoor life with a maximum of comfort.

The OCF is not a simple Festival, it’s a sharing place gathering passionate people. This special atmosphere is now famous in Europe. Participants spend the 3 days of the Festival in a unique place where they have the time to learn some skills, test some products and talk to the exhibitors.

Quick view of our marketing assets:

  • Great landscapes and a beautiful river,
  • an event where exhibitors really sell : it works !
  • quality content where everything is done to please the participants,
  • legendary welcome and friendly atmosphere,
  • brand new website promoting our partners,
  • 3000 contacts Newsletter,
  • effective promotion via web forums and Facebook,
  • important press coverage (European magazines, radios, newspapers…),
  • buzz : the OCF has a solid notoriety. Its main organizer is an outdoor photo reporter published worldwide and author of the book “Guide du Canoe en France (5000 copies sold),
  • international staff of renowned instructors,
  • Photos / Video : 3 photographers and one videographer at the heart of the Festival, providing some content to partners and medias,
  • credibility of our previous partners : Pentax Europe, Vieux Campeur, Teva…
  • a prestigious prize lottery : more than 8500 € in prizes in 2023,
  • a great logo, graphic signature of the OCF,
  • brands at the heart of the Festival with the possibility to test the material.