Marketing profile of the OCF participants :

  • Average age : 40.

  • ABC1 (middle and upper socio-economic) groups.

  • In 2023, most of the participants drove more than 300 Km to attend the Festival.

  • Foreign participation : 30%, mainly from Great Britain, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, Netherlands.

Special interests of the OCF participants :

Our participants are modern adventurers with important gear and outdoor comfort needs. Here some examples of their special interests :

  • Camping gear : tents, sleeping bags, accessories…
  • Photo and video : waterproof or otherwise, action cameras,
  • Waterproof bags and housing : for phones, gear, cameras…
  • Food supplements, dehydrated food,
  • Outdoor clothes, shoes and accessories,
  • Solar chargers,
  • Water filters,
  • Sunglasses (floating),
  • Outdoor pharmacy,
  • Travels and other outdoor sports,
  • Outdoor books and magazines.

Some of our previous sponsors and partners :