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April 18-21, 2025

Drôme river, France


Nature news – Did you know?

The Drôme is one of the last wild rivers in Europe, with a natural, torrential flow. It meanders for 106 km from its source to its confluence with the Rhône.

As a result, it is home to some exceptional flora and fauna, and in particular to two experts in camouflage:

On the banks
The ringed plover: this small bird lays 4 eggs on the ground among the pebbles. Their camouflage colour means they can be mistaken for the river’s pebbles. Be careful where you step!

In the water
The zingel asper: this small fish endemic to the Rhône basin is in danger of extinction. It only survives in rivers with a natural profile and was reintroduced to the Drôme a few years ago. Here’s a hint on how to spot it: lying on the bottom of the water, its eyes glow in the night like a cat’s!
Take advantage of your stay to admire the biodiversity that surrounds you and treat it with respect.

Enjoy the descent!
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