New sponsor : Réhaume canoes.

More than canoes: masterpieces! The Quebec brand Réhaume chooses the Open Canoe Festival to make itself known in Europe.

They come from the country where they are called “canots”, not “canoes”: Quebec / Canada. Their story begins in the 1980s when professional cabinet maker Alain Rhéaume turned his wood working skills towards the art of canoe building. Since that first canoe model, the product line has grown to include over 20 canoes, several display canoes and canoe bookcases.

Almost every part on the boats and bookcases are handcrafted. The lacing for their rawhide seats, the hand caning and steam bent parts are all made at their factory in Saint-Tite, Québec.

On the composite side, Réhaume has several very high-end models that stand out for their level of finish, but also for their weight. Imagine: the carbon version of their Explorer 16′ weighs less than 17 kg!

All models are available in several levels of finish, sometimes subtly mixing wood and composite materials. The most “high-tech” models will appeal to those who are looking for the perfect glide and the canoe of their dreams that can be carried by one person because it is so light.

Don’t hesitate to contact them to order the canoe of your dreams and follow the latest news of their arrival in Europe.

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