Few days left to register!

Deadline: April 10th. Don’t wait any longer!

There are some events that come up every year and that you pass by saying to yourself: “not concerned” or “déjà vu”. I’m interested in the river, in paddling sports in general, in outdoor sports, I do a bit of kayaking, packrafting, inflatable canoeing… Why would I participate in an event that seems to be all about canoeing? Because the Open Canoe Festival is not just about canoeing. But you really have to go there to understand it!

The OCF is the largest gathering dedicated to the culture of canoeing. 3 days of workshops (100 in total!) led in 3 languages by the best European specialists. You will of course learn about technique (for beginners, intermediates or advanced paddlers), river safety, but also and above all a multitude of themes that make the event so rich and unique.

No trace camping, river fauna and flora, edible plants, leadership, electronic equipment, art of bivouacking, fires and knots, expedition preparation, regulations… These are some of the workshops that will occupy your days. In the evening: a concert, a film, a prize lotery (with a canoe to be won) provide an unforgettable atmosphere. And what about the bewitching blue waters of the Drôme during the big descent on Sunday! Frankly, you should try!

After April 10th: it will be too late. Don’t wait any longer!

I register!

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