2023 opening film

Screening of the film “Canovélo: in search of the perfect moment” to open the OCF 2023. Friday April 28, 9.30 pm, under the tepee.

This 50-minute film directed by Paul Villecourt tells the story of a 900 km “bike to canoe” journey in the spring of 2021. Christian Barbier and Paul Villecourt spent 26 days in autonomy, linking 4 rivers from the house: Drôme, Loire, Ain and Rhône.

The Canovélo concept: on the road, the bike tows the canoe on a trailer. In the canoe: everything fits inside.

Beyond the original mode of transport, this very personal film shows its author’s quest for freedom, as he leaves the 3rd confinement. An almost therapeutic experience where very sensitive atmospheres alternate with some pretty “freak out” moments.

This film, which could also have been called “A beautiful hassle!”, is a sort of sequel to “La Grande Traversée” of 2017 where the author linked Geneva to the Atlantic by canoe (1500 km in 2 months).

“Canovélo” will be screened for the very first time at the Open Canoe Festival before touring throughout France and abroad.
Info: www.villecourt.com

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