Marine Béguin (France… but a bit of Québec too!)

I fell in love 10 years ago when I discovered canoe-camping on the dark waters of Quebec! Over there, canoeing is eaten in the morning, at noon and in the evening, solo, or in a expedition duo, over several weeks or even several months… It is a big family that has welcomed me. After 14 years of experience in this corner of North America, I came back to France with my two solo “canots” (as we call them in Québec ; in France we call them OC1 for Open Canoe 1 place) and still this crazy desire to discover magnificent rivers. Since then I have two dreams:
1) that French no longer say OC1 but “canot”!
2) see more and more “canots” on the beautiful French rivers.
Here too, white water is a beautiful and large family that knows how to welcome back the impatriate that I am!