Christian Barbier (France).

Christian is an accomplished sportsman, involved in all outdoor disciplines. He is a keen climber and speleologist¬† and has always travelled by bike, taking numerous trips in France and abroad, with his family or solo. When it comes to mountain biking, it seems that gravity has no influence on him as he is able to tackle any steep slope, up or down! But it’s not him who will tell you that, because he’s a very modest man. Christian is up for any adventure, on foot, with a paddle or a bike. In 2021 he has embarked on the “Canov√©lo” adventure with his friend Paul Villecourt. The goal: experiencing endless travel by towing the canoe on a bicycle. Two years of research and development culminated in a first 1000 km trip in May 2021. Christian will give you all the keys and tricks of this form of travel that he has largely contributed to develop.