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Europe’s Premier Canoe Rendezvous.

April 15-18 2022
Rivière Drôme, France



To be or not to be!

To be or not to be!
Regulations and philosophy

By Paul Villecourt.

Dear OCF friends,
First of all, I would like to make it clear that I am speaking as the creator and organiser of the OCF and not on behalf of the OCF team, nor of Gervanne Camping.

2022 marks the return of the Open Canoe Festival after two years of cancellation due to the health crisis. This return will take place under somewhat special conditions as we have to enforce the French laws regarding the management of the COVID crisis.

This means that we will ask all participants, exhibitors, staff, volunteers and visitors (i.e. anyone entering the OCF site at Gervanne Camping), to present the compulsory vaccination pass required by the authorities from January 2022 (unless the law changes by mid-April).

Philosophically, the application of this regulation does not correspond at all to the culture of the OCF as I have developed it, nor to my approach to outdoor sports which is intimately linked to the values of freedom which I will always praise and promote. In particular, and once again on a personal basis, I do not agree with this demand for compulsory document control, whatever the health requirements.

I have thought long and hard about this issue. Either I decided to cancel the festival as long as "normal life" was not back, or I decided to launch it again, fully accepting the imposed regulations.

It is this second option that I chose, because the desire to share my passion for canoeing and outdoor activities is stronger than anything. Once again, for the last two years, I have chosen to adapt and "make do" with what the government imposes on us, hoping that normal life will return as soon as possible.

The OCF brings together nearly 600 participants, instructors, exhibitors, organisers and volunteers. Among them, I know that some will be opposed to the imposed regulations. I understand that, but I really want to make it very clear as an organiser: despite all the bad things I think about the Vaccine Pass control on a personal basis, there is no ambiguity about the fact that we will apply the regulation to the letter.

In concrete terms, the Vaccine Pass will be checked when you arrive at the OCF and not when you register online.

Apart from this formality, the rest of the Festival will take place as usual, in a passionate and friendly atmosphere where everything is organised to ensure you have an unforgettable weekend!

I apologise for the application of this regulation which may shock some people, but above all, I am looking forward to seeing you all from 15 to 18 April 2022.

Paul Villecourt

The full OCF 2022 regulations can be downloaded by clicking on the link below: