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Europe’s Premier Canoe Rendezvous.

Rivière Drôme, France



Venture canoes

Venture canoes
Come and test Venture canoes fleet.

Venture Canoes are designed and manufactured in the UK by the same team of enthusiasts behind P&H Custom Sea Kayaks and Pyranha Whitewater Kayaks, using the same industry leading technology and over 45 years of experience.

Venture Canoes enjoyed the Open Canoe Festival so much last year, that they’re coming back again and bringing a fleet of canoes to demo, including their latest model, the Afon!

The Venture Afon is designed to make the most of any river, tranquil or wild, and the variety of the Drôme makes it the ideal place to test this unique canoe out.



Find out more about the Afon, here: