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Le rendez-vous Européen du Canoë & du plein air

30 Avril - 3 Mai 2020
Rivière Drôme, France

Facebook No promo !

Facebook No promo !
Facebook don't relay informations anymore... unless you have the right settings.


The most important thing for a paddler is to be on the water as much as possible, and not in front of a #*% computer ! Nevertheless, during the cold season, waiting for the Open Canoe Festival, it's cool to receive the latest News via Facebook : new workshops, instructors, photos, films...

Facebook recently changed its newsfeed system. To make it short, you think people receive your news, but they don't!






Conclusion :

To be sure to receive our Posts on the Open Canoe Festival Facebook page :


  • on your computer, like our page, then click on "Following" and choose "See first".
  • on your mobile phone, click on "Following" and choose "See first" (one of the 3 phone logos).