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Le rendez-vous Européen du Canoë & du plein air

30 Avril - 3 Mai 2020
Rivière Drôme, France

2019 first sponsors.

2019 first sponsors.
Canoë Diffusion and Esquif: first sponsors of the Open Canoe Festival.


The Open Canoe Festival is glad to present the 2019 first sponsors : Canoë Diffusion and Esquif.

Canoë Diffusion: French distributor of Esquif canoes, Canoe Diffusion is one of the Festival’s first partners and promoters. This year again, Canoe Diffusion will bring more than 20 demo boats ! They are also distributing Venture canoes and the new Packrafts inflatable canoes. Many thanks for all the help and support !

Esquif: North America’s best canoes have always supported Europe’s best Festival ! The canoe manufacturer from Quebec contributes to the promotion of canoeing in France and Europe with an impressive range of 25 boats dedicated to all kind of paddling style : from calm water tripping to the wildest rivers, from family touring to the most remote expeditions.

 Icing on the cake, Esquif and Canoë Diffusion offer a 2000 € "Prospecteur 16 Sport" for the Big Prize Lottery !

Merci Jacques et Pierre !