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Le rendez-vous Européen du Canoë & du plein air

19-22 avril 2019
Rivière Drôme, France

2019 concert

2019 concert
Expect a fantastic show with "the Hitchhikers to Dublin".


We have never worked so hard to find our concert. The bar was raised pretty high with last year's show. But expect another fantastic party this year with the Irish Folk band "The hitchhikers to Dublin".

The Hitchhikers' repertoire brings together sessions, songs and step dancing as soon as the stage allows. As a hitchhiking trip along Ireland's roads, instrumentalists bring you along, from city to city with their luggage, fiddle, banjo, guitar, double bass and hammered dulcimer.

Some high class musicians for an unforgettable show !


Pierre Mordacque : Guitar ans Banjo
Adrien Coquelet : Fiddle
Stéphane Beaucourt : Double bass
FX Luchart : Hammered dulcimer
Pauline Fouquet : Singing and dancing
Marie Geneau : dance

Please visit their website to warm up : THE HITCHHIKERS TO DUBLIN.