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Europe’s Premier Canoe Rendezvous.

Back in 2022
Rivière Drôme, France

2020 Staff

Instructors who already signed in for 2020 :

  • Martin Trahan (Canada).

    Martin Trahan (Canada).

    Martin Trahan is probably the most exceptional canoe paddler of this planet. Planet is the right word as Martin's "hobbie" is to paddle continents ! In 2015, he crossed Canada in his canoe (7000 km), paddled 3200 km in 70 days on the mighty Yukon river in 2016, and crossed the USA in 2018 (7500 km). For 2022, he plans to cross Russia from Mongolia to the Arctic ocean. Martin will be the official "patron" of the OCF 2020. He will offer a conference and of course, he will be one of the 30 instructors of this exceptional 10th Open Canoe Festival.

    (Photo : Jay Kolsch).

    Follow the adventures of Martin on his Facebook and Instagram pages.

  • Andy Oughton (England).

    Andy Oughton (England).

    Andy is a British Canoeing Coach Educator (Instructor Trainer) with a passion for multi-day canoe trips. He has supported and assessed many young people on expeditions. He also organizes a 100 mile "Canoe Test" for youth groups, event which has been existing for more than 50 years now. After participating many times to the OCF, Andy is now one of the "big masters" of our instructor staff with various technique workshops. He will also run a trip to introduce British Canoeing's approaches to Leadership.
  • Armelle Van Hauwaert and Peter Stokx from "Canad" company (Belgium).

    Armelle Van Hauwaert and Peter Stokx from "Canad" company (Belgium).

    Armelle Van Hauwaert and Peter Stokx from "Canad" company : outdoor cooking, technique and safety clinics. These two famous canoe paddlers are pros and totally addicted to the open canoe lifestyle (they spend more than 200 days a year in the Outdoors !). They are the owners and the instructors of the famous company "Canad" proposing canoe and outdoor programs a little bit everywhere in the world : www.canad.be
  • Christine and Richard Dorlencourt (France).

    Christine and Richard Dorlencourt (France).

    French river guide, Richard will propose a workshop for complete beginners (in French) : basic techniques and safety tips. Christine, his wife, will propose an outdoor cooking workshop.

    Their blog : spiritofkayaking.com

  • Greg Spencer (England).

    Greg Spencer (England).

    Greg has been canoeing since the 1970s, and instructing since the 1980s. He is an ACA instructor and a BCU coach, as well as being UK representative of the ACA, Acting Chairman of the British "Open Canoe Association" and a specialist in canoe sailing. He will again offer courses in river canoeing and canoe touring. www.singleblade.co.uk
  • Tony Pape (England / France).

    Tony Pape (England / France).

    Tony (a.k.a “Blue”) is a Canoe “Guru” who has teached and trained hundreds of river guides for the British Canoe Union. Native from England but based in France South East, he is leading canoe trips on Europe’s most beautiful rivers.
  • Aurélien Rateau (France).

    Aurélien Rateau (France).

    Aurélien has always been fascinated by rivers wildlife and canoeing is for him a great way to explore mother nature secrets and jewels. Fed up with 10 years of a stressful job in a office, he decided to change his life, starting with a riverguide diploma before spending 2014 summer exploring 5 of the last wildest rivers of Europe. His goal : present them from various perspectives such as history and ecology, and above all, share his love for river explorations, paddle in hand and a fishing rod never too far in the canoe.

    Hi website : www.destination-rivieres.org
  • Jeff Blervaque (France).

    Jeff Blervaque (France).

    River guide for more than 30 years, Jeff is based in the French Alps. Added to his own kayaking and rafting activities, he is also a respected river guide instructor. He joins the 2015 OCF staff with a new "leadership" workshop (in french) about group management and preventive safety.

  • Philippe Lloret (France).

    Philippe Lloret (France).

    Drôme river child, Philippe has been watching the birds for a very long time. This passion for ornithology led him to explore the local mountains' fauna and flora. Today he works as a mountain guide, but also as a nature animator and technician for the "Département de la Drôme". Even if he speaks 3 languages, he will offer "promenade chats" in French, presenting the fauna and flora of the river and its Alpine and Mediterranean influences.

  • Jérôme Benoît (France).

    Jérôme Benoît (France).

    Jérôme is a real child of the Ardèche river : born in a family of canoe racers, he was a boatman, taking the first tourists of the Ardèche in traditional boats. Then he worked in a canoe rental and a famous french canoe factory. Today, he’s a freelance canoe repairer. Jérôme joins the instructor staff to share is canoe culture with various workshops dedicated to canoe camping, safety and technique.
    His website : here.
  • Cyril Porcher (France).

    Cyril Porcher (France).

    Professional river guide, Cyril works for "Loire Aventure", club and company offering canoe trips on the beautiful Loire river.
  • Yannick Vericel (France).

    Yannick Vericel (France).

    Yannick is passioned paddler and river guide based in Lyon. He loves to share his local spots, always remembering adventure is just at your door. He also takes his clients to Europe's four corners : Norway, Finland, Sweden... He is also an outdoor sports instructor with an impressive pro resume !

    His website : www.randovive.com
  • Raphaël Thiébaut (France).

    Raphaël Thiébaut (France).

    Famous french river guide, expeditionnist, photographer and safety instructor, emergency nurse, Raphaël is also a white water canoe specialist. He's back at the Festival with some clinics dedicated to first aid techniques and canoe minor injuries.
  • Mark-Jan Dielemans (Netherlands, living in England).

    Mark-Jan Dielemans (Netherlands, living in England).

    Originally from the Netherlands and now living for 9 years in Bristol, Great Britain with his wife and two young children. He bought his first “expedition” kayak when he was 17 and paddled through the canals of Amsterdam. Soon did bigger trips on the IJselmeer, Waden- and Northsea and became a Seakayak coach. He soon developed a passion for the “open” canoe and started in early 1998 the first European Canoe Symposium which he ran for over 10 years. He became the first British Canoeing level 4 open canoe coach in the Netherlands and also gained qualifications of the A.C.A. (Instructor) and Canada. 

    He is active as member of the Open Canoe Association and organised special event for families, youth and children. One of his highlights was paddling with Andy Oughton and Noddy the Bliss canoe trail; trip of 824 miles through/round England. 
    Six years ago he visited the OCF as a participant but now he is here to “help” anyone who wants to improve or just wants some  Encouragement or just to say; “yes that's it! Go for it!” From beginner to improver, solo and tandem and also Family’s and children. Shame life is too short!
  • Sébastien Carlier (France).

    Sébastien Carlier (France).


    Sébastien works at the "Parc Naturel des Landes de Gascogne". Mountain and river guide, excellent photographer, he's also a great adventurer with many trips done in Africa or Canada. He loves to share his passion for nature and paddling trips.

    His website : sebastiencarlier.fr
    Paddling trips : itinerairespartages.org

  • Giulia Meucci (Italy / France).

    Giulia Meucci (Italy / France).

    Yoga yengar teacher and outdoor addict, Giulia will offer stretching workshops for a sweet morning start on saturday and monday.
  • Yann Mazé (France).

    Yann Mazé (France).

    Yann is one the french open canoe pioneers in France. Former member of the association "the river runners / coureurs de rivières" which was a big inspiration to create the Open Canoe Festival, he's been paddling canoes and sea kayaks for more than 20 years. Big fan of french and canadian rivers, his profile does not only deal with canoe. Former military in special forces for rescue missions, he's now often assigned as a diver / rescuer for the national sea safety society. A real adventurer with a strong outdoor and safety culture.
  • Caroline Pape (England / France).

    Caroline Pape (England / France).

    Originally from England, Caroline has lived in the Gard (close to the Ardèche river) since 2005 and is a French-qualified canoe guide. She studied sport science and psychology and worked as a personal trainer and coach, before falling in love with open canoeing. She has been guiding and teaching canoeing in France for over 15 years, and as the mother of 5 daughters, particularly wants to inspire more women and girls to take part in the sport.
  • Mathieu Slaghenauffi (France).

    Mathieu Slaghenauffi (France).

    Mathieu is passionned canoe a sea kayaking professionnal guide based in the South of France. Outdoor addict, he loves to share bivouac techniques (no trace camping, fire and knots) and he is also specializing in outdoor sports programs for disabled persons.

    With Aurélien Rateau (also instructor at the OCF) he runs the association "Destination Rivières" taking people to Europe's most beautiful rivers.


  • Caroline Carr (England).

    Caroline Carr (England).

    Caroline Carr is a British Canoe canoe and SUP coach with a passion for getting people out on the water and enjoying both rivers and sea in boats. Her current base is the beautiful coastline of the River Humber on the East coast of England where she’s sailed and paddled since childhood. 
    Her experience paddling French rivers include not only the Drôme but the Allier and the Ardeche. Favourite French River : the Durance from her early paddling days of kayak :)

Organization team

  • Gervanne Camping and the Gontard family.

    Gervanne Camping and the Gontard family.


    The OCF is possible thanks to the Gontard family and their lovely camping site by the river. Always present for logistics and moral support, always smiling and welcoming. Nothing would be possible without Catherine and Jeff.


  • Paul Villecourt : Ze boss !

    Paul Villecourt : Ze boss !


    Creator and organizer of the Open Canoe Festival, Paul works as an outdoor reporter and photographer. Author of the book “Guide du canoë en France” (Canoeing in France), his reports led him to paddle the world four corners and are regularly published in press magazines. His website : www.villecourt.com

    In 2017, with Philippe Bouvat, he paddled France from east to west during a 2 months and 1570 km trip between Geneva and Saint Nazaire. www.lagrandetraversee.fr

  • Julien Gontard : co-organizer

    Julien Gontard : co-organizer


    Julien is part of the OCF organization since the age of 16 when he was in charge of the volunteers. Raised in a famous local outdoor sports school, he soon became a specialist in outdoor marketing, video, photo and social medias. Today, he works for prestigious companies like Millet, Rossignol and big public relations agencies. No surprise to see him taking the position of co-organizer of the 2020 OCF. He knows the Festival by heart : already workshop manager, he's also in charge of the marketing development. He's a Gontard : Dual Core processor, able to manage 5 things at the same time. Only 22 and already entrepreneur : the essential positive energy to boost the Open Canoe Festival.


  • Philippe Bouvat : Mac Gyver !

    Philippe Bouvat : Mac Gyver !


    At the OCF or in a canoe, Philippe is never far from Paul. Real "Mac Gyver" fixing any technical problem, incredible photographer, Philippe is also the real guardian of the Drôme river he is paddling all year long. There is no better guide to track the beaver and other local animals.

    In 2017, with Paul Villecourt, he paddled France from east to west during a 2 months and 1570 km trip, between Geneva and Saint Nazaire. www.lagrandetraversee.fr

  • Valentin Grollemund : video man.

    Valentin Grollemund : video man.


    He did all the official clips from the very beginning. Professionnal kayaker for a long time, river guide, he is also TV production assistant manager at the Freeride World Tour, biggest fresstyle ski event on earth. Yeah !

  • Guillaume Manen : webmaster and barman.

    Guillaume Manen : webmaster and barman.


    This guy is ambidextrous ! He’s the one who designed this beautiful website. And during the Festival, he is the bar manager, assited by Christelle.

  • Our magic volunteers !

    Our magic volunteers !


    Big thanks to our numerous volunteers helping to organize the OCF !