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Europe's Premier Canoe Rendezvous.

April 28 - May 1st 2023
Drôme River, France

OCF 2022 regulations

Open Canoe Festival Regulations 2022

1/ Organisation:

The Open Canoe Festival (OCF) is organized by the association “Outdoor et Compagnie” (address: lotissement l’eau vive, 57C chemin de la Peyrolle, 26400 Aouste-sur-Sye, France).  
Tel: (00-33) (0)6 63 30 17 28). Web: www.opencanoefestival.com

The OCF takes place at Gervanne Camping (address: 26400 Mirabel et Blacons, France. Tel: (00-33) (0)4 75 40 00 20). Web: www.gervanne-camping.com
These regulations are applied to the Open Canoe Festival only.
Please note that Gervanne Camping have their own regulations.

2/ OCF presentation (April 15-18, 2022):

The OCF is an international canoe camping (open canoe) gathering. It’s a 3 days event, mainly offering:

- Around 35 technical workshops dealing with canoe camping, managed by volunteer instructors from across Europe. Some of these workshops are land based. Others take place on the river Drôme (class 2);

- An OCF T-shirt (correct size / fit not guaranteed);

- Three meals included in the registration package (friday and saturday evening and sunday picnic). When registering, you can ask for vegan meals (no meat, no fish), availability and quantities are not guaranteed. The picnic is not vegan. Food allergies are not managed;

- Parties, with an opening film on Friday evening, a Saturday night concert and a Sunday night big prize lottery;

- A big river run: 28 km of class 2 from Sainte-Croix to Mirabel et Blacons. This descent is not managed or supervised and each participant must take personal responsibility for his/her own safety and welfare;

- A shuttle service for the big descent and for the workshops;

- Access to canoe and camping gear exhibitors.

The full program is available at www.opencanoefestival.com

3/ Participation:

The Festival is open to all participants. The association “Outdoor et Compagnie” is not affiliated to any sport federation. Participants must be autonomous in their canoeing practice to participate to the OCF.

4/ 2022 rates:

- Until march 15 : 100 € / person for the 3 days event. After march 15 : 110 €.

- 70 € for the children (under 12) and the "non-paddling" persons (non paddling participants have access to all the Festival except the workshops). After march 15 : 80 €.

- 50 € for 5 to 12 years old children.

- Free for the children under 5 years old.

All rates include a 10 € non refundable reservation fee per paying participant.
No alternative rates exist for one or two day participation.

5/ Registrations:

- Registrations are only possible online within the dates mentioned on the website. These registrations are via a secured credit card payment (Credit Agricole bank);

- No medical certificate is requested (except if you ask to cancel your registration) as the OCF is not a competition. Nevertheless, participants attest they have no pre-existing medical conditions which might make involvement inadvisable and have appropriate outdoor sport insurance. The organisation doesn’t undertake to verify this information;

- The number of registrations is limited;

- The registration doesn’t include the camping fee or canoe or gear rental;

- Workshops registrations are only possible at the Festival, not on the website. Most of the workshops offer a limited number of registrations and their availability is not guaranteed by the organisation;

- The provisional closing date for registrations is April 1st, 2022. The organisation reserves the right to amend this deadline.

6/ Camping reservation:

Camping reservation are not necessary (except for chalets and mobilhomes as availability is limited).
Please note that given the important number of participants, Gervanne Camping won't be able to provide one campsite per group or family. Campsites will have to be shared with all the participants.

Reservation : www.gervanne-camping.com

7/ Registration cancellation policy:

- Registrations can’t be refund except where participants send a medical certificate. Once the certificate is received by the organisation, the refund will be done within 10 days via bank transfer. Only a 10€ reservation fee will be charged.

- Partial refunds will be available for non-medical cancellations with the following conditions:

    * Until April 1 (15 days before the OCF): 70% of the registration fee refund;
    * Until April 8 (7 days before the OCF): 30% of the registration fee refund;
    * After April 8 (7 days before the OCF): no refund;

- Gervanne Camping have their own reservation / cancellation policy, please contact them for more information: www.gervanne-camping.com

- A participant forced to cancel his/her registration can transfer it to another person who just has to communicate her/his name and participant category.

- In case of litigation, only Valence court (Drôme, France) will be accepted.

8/ Organisation in case of river flood:

The OCF is an outdoor event organized for outdoor lovers. In 10 years, we have experienced assorted weather conditions: warm and cold, wet and dry. The OCF has been proven in droughts and floods. The OCF will not be cancelled in the event of river flood, though river workshops will be cancelled or adapted to extend our bank-based workshop options. In case of flood, the organisation retains the right to cancel all the river runs contained in the OCF program by cancelling all the shuttle services. Participants must take personal responsibility for all river runs and the organisation will officially advise not running the river in the case of flood.

9/ Safety, responsibility and participant insurance:

- Participants must take responsibility for their own canoeing and kayaking, including during the workshops;

- When registering for the OCF, participants:

        * declare a full understanding of the nature of canoeing and of related activities and declare being in a fit and proper condition to participate in such activities;
        * accept the associated risks and dangers of damage to personal property and of serious bodily injury, whether through personal action or the actions or inactions of others, including through negligence;
        * fully accept all risk and all responsibility for personal losses, costs and damages and agree to immediately discontinuing further participation if believing conditions to be unsafe;
        * release the OCF and all of its instructors, staff, partners or associates from all liability for any accident occurring on the river or at the Festival site, waiving rights to claim or make demands and indemnifying the above against any costs incurred in the event of litigation in the name of the participant;

- Participants certify they have an outdoor sport insurance covering paddling sports.

- Participants must commit themselves to respect all the safety rules of paddlesports and behaviours on the river, and to using appropriate safety gear.  This should include, but not be limited to, wearing personal flotation devices, helmets, appropriate clothing and river shoes, and carrying spare clothes, airbags, first aid kits, spare paddles, throw bags and cell phones…

- The organisation is not responsible of any natural or artificial obstacle contained in the river, even if a simplified guide and other information is provided during the OCF.

- One of the OCF goals is to raise awareness of river safety (technique, gear, river reading, etc.). The Festival promotes the importance of safe practice and encourages participants to keep an eye on one another whilst enjoying the river.

- The organisation subscribes to a liability insurance.

10/ Prize lottery rules:

Each paying participant receives a prize lottery ticket when he/she checks to register at the Festival. His/her name is written on this ticket. To win, the owner of the ticket must be present under the tepee when the winning ticket is picked up, and be able to hear the Master of Ceremonies at the microphone. The winning ticket is called 3 times. If nobody reacts after 3 calls, another ticket is picked up to win the prize. The OCF staff cannot participate to the prize lottery.

11/ Image rights:

Each participant accepts and gives to the OCF organisation and its partners (sponsors, media organisations) the right to use images (photos or videos) in which he/she may be visible, for any media purposes, including promotional, marketing and advertising, without any geographic limit or time limit.

12/ Data protection:

In compliance with the French data protection law (equivalent of Data Protection Act) of January 6th 1978, you have a right to access and correct all personal information concerning you. We do not share information you provide to us with any other company. The data we collect through our website is only used to keep you informed.

13/ Modification of these regulations:

These OCF regulations can be modified at any time without notice until the Festival dates. Any new version will be communicated on line: www.opencanoefestival.com

14/ Informed consent:

When registering to the OCF, each participant personally makes the commitment to the following:
    •    I have read and understood the Open Canoe Festival regulations.
    •    I understand and accept the participation conditions.
    •    I will respect and apply all these regulations.
    •    I know how to swim.
    •    I have an individual outdoor sport insurance.
    •    I have no pre-existing medical conditions which might make my involvement inadvisable, and recognise that the OCF organisation is not responsible of any medical problem occurring during the Festival.

We thank you for reading these regulations.
We are really glad to welcome you to the OCF !

Outdoor et Compagnie
Lotissement l’eau vive
57C chemin de la Peyrolle
26400 Aouste sur Sye
Tél : (00 33) (0) 6 63 30 17 28
Email : paul@villecourt.com

Click on the link below to download the PDF version of the OCF regulations :